This is a Creepypasta fanfiction centered around the complicated love-hate relationship between my Creepypasta Proxy OC- Archer , and the proxy Ticci Toby. I hope you like it!

Typical. Everybody else was down in the house, and she was stuck up on the roof for sentry duty. She wasn't complaining or anything, as it was her favorite time of day- and night as well.

It was much more peaceful up there, though she could still hear muffled shouts and bangs coming from down below.

Then, she heard it. The ever-so-familiar sound of twigs snapping, and branches being moved out of someone's way. Someone was in the forest. Theon the question came. Was it an intruder, or another Pasta? Only one way to find out.

Archer sprang up from her crouched position, and leapt off of the mansion's massive roof. She nimbly landed in a nearby pine tree, and, leaping from tree to tree, she delved into the dark, dense forest. She would occasionally pause for a few moments to see where the sounds were coming from, or just because tree traveling tended to be noisy, and she didn't want to get caught. It took about five minutes, but she finally found the owner of the noises. It was a rabbit. A fucking rabbit.

So back to the house she went, as her shift was over anyway.

She gave the mansion's front doors a tug, but of course, they were locked. She tried some windows, but they were all either locked or jammed. "Just my fucking luck..." Only one option was left. Going in Santa Clause style. She had gone in through the chimney many times before, she just didn't care much for it as it was cramped and extremely difficult to breathe in there.

After rolling her eyes and groaning, she scrambled up onto the roof, braced herself, then climbed down into the chimney, letting herself fall.



By the time Archer hit the bottom, she was coughing and sputtering, covered in soot. Immediately her ears were filled with that infuriating laugh of... his.

That laugh belonged to none other than Toby, who was holding up a recently extinguished match. "Ho, ho, ho, Mrs. Clause! Ahahahaha!" Archer let out a hissing snarl. "Not funny!"

The scorching wood of the match eventually met Toby's thumb and index finger, but he showed no acknowledgement of the burns on his hand. He tossed the match aside, and continued to laugh himself to tears.

Seething with rage, Archer stood up and dusted herself off. "My sentry duty shift for tonight is over. Now get your ass up there and do your shift."

"But what if I don't' wanna?" He pouted underneath his black mouth guard. "Master's orders. No choice."

"Awwww..." He began to poke her. "Awwww..."

"Knock it off", she said through her teeth. "Okay!" He began to nudge her with his elbow instead. "Awwww..."


Having had enough, she tightly grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the wall. "Do. Your. FUCKING! JOB!"

"Okay okay sheesh!"

With a harsh grunt, she released her grip and Toby fell to the floor. He began to make his way to the roof outpost, but he turned around, removed his mouth guard, and stuck his tongue out at her. Right after he did that, he took off running just in case Archer started chasing him with her bow and arrow. Archer very well would have, if it wasn't for the fact that she needed to report back to their master.\

As Archer moseyed towards his office, the other Pastas were sure to step out of her way. When she got there, she rapped on the wooden door. "Who is it", echoed his silk-like voice.

"It's Archer. I am here to report about my sentry duty shift."

The door swung open with a loud creak, revealing a very somber looking study. It was very dim in there, but she could still see the tall, unimaginably skinny figure hunched over their desk. "Proceed."

Archer stepped in, and the door slammed shut behind her. She bowed low, and stated her report. "There were no intruders. The forest is exactly how you left it."

There was a silence, then the figure spoke once more. "Excellent. You have done well. You are dismissed for the rest of the night.

"Thank you, master."

The proxy stood and proceeded to leave the room.

Now that she was dismissed, she simply went right up to her own room and plopped down on her bed. "Damn Toby..." He was always purposely irritating her (then again, he did that to everybody, especially Masky.) and he kept doing it despite her constant abuse towards him whenever she was angry. "Hmph... he's got guts I'll give him that."

Exhausted from stress, she curled up into a ball and fell into a deep, restful slumber.

The next morning...

Archer gave a long yawn, and sat up. It was still dark when she looked out her window, so she figured it was at least three in the morning. Normally everybody else would be asleep by now. Yeah, normally. They would have been sleeping, if they didn't get daily "wake up calls" from the boss. (wake up call was just a more polite term for being violently shaken awake by all six of his tendrils at once)

Archer was one of the few fortunate ones that didn't get these wake up calls, and it wasn't just because she was a proxy either. He generally did it to his proxies too, but Archer was an exception due to the fact that she was an elite and loyal proxy.

"Three... two... one. Aaaand..."





Those were the sounds of the mansion's inhabitants being woken up.

It was then when Archer realized something- when she had fallen asleep last night, she had forgotten to remove her signature bow and arrow from her back. "Oh God..." She hastily removed them from her back and examined them. Her bow was just fine, but at least three fourths of her arrows were snapped in half. "FUCK!" She needed to make more arrows asap. But first thing was first- breakfast.

She kicked her bedroom door open, and slid down the stairway banister into the dining room located at the bottom. The air was rancid with the scent of burned pancakes, meaning that the boss had let Hoodie cook again. Archer had no idea why ANYONE would let him cook, as he had once even set the kitchen on fire while trying to make a bowl of cereal. "Damn it... not again Hoodie..."

She pulled up a random chair and sat down and a plate of black, rock-like pancakes was set down in front of her. She froze stiff as a board when she heard a certain voice next to her.

"Hi Archer!" Archer just growled at him and started poking a pancake with her fork, but it wouldn't go in. "Hey! Archer!" She still didn't answer him. "Archer! Hey! Over here!"

"Grrrr..." She pushed harder on the fork. "Ohhh Arrrrcherrr!" SNAP! went the fork, and everyone went silent as she stood up, grabbed Toby by his collar, then threw him onto the floor. "WHAT?!"

"I just wanted to ask you something", he said doing puppy eyes. "Whatever it is can't it wait until AFTER breakfast?"

"Hmmm... nope!" He got to his feet and brushed himself off. After doing so, he said in a much more serious tone: "why are you always to mean to me?"

"You annoy me", Archer immediately responded. "Aw but whyyyy?"

"Leave me alone."

"Aww can't we just talk? Y'know, proxy-to-proxy?"


"C'mon! We're technically the same! Birds of a feather! And I wanna talk!"

"I. SAID. NO."

"Oh. Okay!" And then he ran off somewhere, taking his plate of waffles with him.

There was a short silence, then it was replaced with soft giggles from the others. "What's so funny?"

"Looks like Archer has a boyfriend", Eyeless Jack said in a teasing tone.

"What the fu- ew no! He is not!" The giggles turned into very loud snickering, and Archer felt her face heating up from embarrassment. "Aw c'mon Archer, you can't deny it!"

"Yes I can, because I don't like him."

"But you always go and bat just him up when you're upset, plus he's loads of un and you're no fun at all! He completes you!"

Archer prepared to snap back at EJ, but paused. True, Toby was the one she always took her anger out on, but that was because he was unable to feel pain. She sometimes found herself waiting for him to come and pester her, at was pretty much a daily thing for them. He certainly made her life less boring, and wait, was she... charmed by their clashing personalities?

The more she thought about it, the more she felt a strange feeling begin to grow inside of her. So maybe she had gotten a little soft for him. Just a little.

"Well... I-I..." With that, everyone burst into laughter.

"Ohhh, somebody's blushing!"

"SHUT UP!" Archer screamed at them. Silence again. Not being able to take it anymore, Archer ran out the front doors and into the forest to FINALLY make some more arrows. "Heh... maybe I do like him... as a punching bag." She chuckled as she delved into the pine trees, but still, that strange feeling was growing...